Bangladesh Youth Model United Nations 2019 - BYMUN


2.6 million people unemployed since 2013. On an average, 30 people commit suicide in Bangladesh everyday. During an ongoing protest for safe roads, we kept on commenting about why certain dignitaries were not doing anything about it instead of focusing on the protest. We talk about being positive, ask people to start doing something and yet when we see someone attempting to do something, we still manage a way to demotivate them and pass hate comments.

We talk about why people from our parents' generation ask us to be so competitive. We talk about social pressure from their generation. But, are we much different from them? We keep on repeating the same mistake, compare and compete. We keep comparing job positions, extra-curricular activities, lifestyles, financial status and the list goes on.

Why do we always need to prove ourselves to be better than someone? Why do we need to prove ourselves to be exceptional? Why do we feel so ashamed of leading a simplicity? Why can't we just be ourselves and lead life according to our own terms? Why can't we break the cage and set free?

With the aim to reduce the barriers and to help you find your why, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Bangladesh Youth Model United Nations 2019! We want to create a platform to showcase the power and joy of simplicity. We won't make promises to make this the best experience of your life. We won't make claims to be the best MUN conference ever. Our aim is to bring an end to this divide and promote collaboration. Because when we collaborate, problems start reducing.

Application Deadline

  07 January

Date & Time

  22 Feb - 24 Feb

  08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


  Fatima Anjum,




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FEE :   BDT 2000


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